Wednesday, January 4, 2012


This is one of my projects from my {SEW EASY} projects.

This is one the kids could help with, however I did mine as gifts for my daughters for Christmas.
All you need is some:
room coordinating fabric,
thin batting,
thumb tacks,
cork board
and a staple gun.

I bought some cheap cork boards at walmart along with a 97 cent thumb tacks.
This project took literally 15 minutes. Just take to cork board and staple the batting around it. Then the fabric. Once done crisscross the ribbon, stapling on the back as well. When the ribbon touches in triangles stick a thumb tack in it to hold them down and secure them down.

Hang on wall and let the kiddos put their little items and photos on it. I just thought they looked cute as a wall coordinate to my girls' rooms.

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