Tuesday, January 17, 2012

LemonLime Beer

Call me the crazy lady, but I am already looking forward to summer BBQs. Maybe its the warm weather we are having this winter, or the fact that I LOVE this beer mix....either way...you need to try this out.

This is perfect for when friends come over and wanna have an adult beverage, but want to stay lighter on the alcohol side.
Here is all it is, so simple.... (Very similar to a "Shandy")

Use Approx 3-5 cans/bottles of beer. It can be any type. I would advice using the cheaper beers. After all, why waste the spendy ones when you cannot taste the difference in this mix
For every 3-5 Beers (taste depending)
Add 1 Frozen Can of Limeade and 1 Can of Frozen Lemonade.
Sounds a little crazy, but trust me, it's a huge hit.

Garnish with sliced Lemons or Limes if desired.

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