Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Robot SuperCape

I made this super hero, (aka big brother cape) for a very special little boy I know. I used the template (sorta) to make it. I used her shape but ended up winging my dementions and thought it turned out cute as could be.Here is her Tutorial.

 I did not use any interfacing because I wanted it to flow as free as possibly. The collar can be worn eaither folded or up depending on how the kids like it or feel more comfortable. I personally like folded so you can see the fabric contrast.

Monday, May 21, 2012

Jello Popsicles

I be the first to admit these are the furthert things from healthy...but like my dear husband says not everything can be healthy everyday--one a year cant be that bad right????
So to try out me new Tupperware Popsicle Molds
All I did was make the jello and freeze. I also did this with the chocolate and vanilla pudding to make pudding pops. 

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Tooth Fairy Pillow

Another site you all need to check out is mmmcrafts. She makes the most adorable tutorials. Here is her one for a very darling Tooth Fairy.
I have been meaning to make this for awhile and her printable tooth pattern is excellent. 
Although hers is so so so cute, I wanted to make a simple tooth, plain and simple.
So here is my little guy, I made a pocket in the back for the dollar bills and left the mouth wide enough to hold teeth as this is what my 6 year old insisted on her pillow having.....

Friday, May 18, 2012


I love making homemade playdough. I love that I can make it with the kids and they enjoy the project. I love how long the playdough lasts and how well it works.

Here is what you will need, most of which you should have already in the kitchen
1 Cup Flour
1 Cup Warm Water
2 Tsp Cream of Tarter
1 Tsp Oil
1/4 Cup Salt
Food Coloring

First you mix all the ingredients (not food coloring) into a medium saucepan.
Stir mixture on medium heat until it becomes smooth.

This will take about 2 minutes. Once smooth remove from heat.

Once the mixture is cooled, begin kneading until it gets smooth, then form into a nice shaped ball.
From there split into 4 even triangles.

Now it is time to add the food coloring and have fun!
Move through dough until you are happy with the color turn out.

I did not wear gloves........
I suggest YOU DO!

However, for some wonderful reason, once they are all soaked in color wise, I have never ever had coloring get on the kids hands, so that's a good note that the color malfunctions are saved only for making.

Place in containers and PLAY!

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Make Your Own All Purpose Cleaner

I started making my own all purpose cleaners so that I can spray around the kids and not have to worry about harsh chemicals. Here is a recipe that I love to use for my All purpose cleaner, it works like a charm and as an added bonus, even spells nice and clean.
All you need to make this yourself is:
* A squirt bottle, found easily at the dollar store
* Lemon juice
* Water
* Vinegar 
* Lemon Essential Oil--10-20 drops
* Tea Tree Essential Oil (Optional)

Mix about half the bottle of water and half vinegar. Then add the other ingredients, shake and...... clean!!!!

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

DIY Dog Shampoo

I am so very in love with this new dog shampoo I made. It is very gentle and my dogs come out very clean and smooth. The original recipe is a bit confusing to make a smaller trial batch, but I used a converter website to make it a smaller concoction. 

Here is the original measurements:

1 Pint liquid dish soap, such as Dawn
1 Pint Water
1 Pint apple cider vinegar
4 oz of liquid glycerin (bought at a whole foods store or pharmacy)

I bought a couple dollar store travel containers to hold it and since I had extra after filling them I just kept it in a recycled container. Getting a larger tube or an old shampoo bottle would work better.

Monday, May 14, 2012

Homemade Kitty Treats

My kids and I tried to make some cat snacks from scratch tonight. The good news is that even before they went into the oven the cat was right there smelling them away and when cooled, devours them.

Here is what you need:

1 Can of Tune, (Undrained)
1 Cup Flour
1 Cup Cornmeal
1/3 Cup Water

Mix all ingredients together to form a workable dough.

Roll dough out to about 1/4 inch thick and cut into cubes. I used a pizza cutter that worked wonders.

Place on tin foil baking sheet and bake at 350 for 20 minutes.

You can fit as many as you want on one tray, as they do not expand in the oven.

Sunday, May 13, 2012

DIY Finger Paint

This is a super easy project, and one the kids can totally get involved in. 

After all, why not make your own homemade finger paints. Never limited the amount of pain your kids use in one art session again.

This is all you need:

3 tbs Sugar
1/2 tsp Salt
1/2 Cup Cornstarch
2 Cups Water
Food Coloring

Mix all the ingredients together. In a small sauce pan heat until the mixture starts to thicken, making sure to stir all along. 

Takes about 2-4 minutes to thicken. 

Take off and let cool. Place in jars or containers you plan to use. 
I found that adding the food coloring to the bottom of each jar then mixing seemed to work the best. 
Also had to end up using skewer sticks to really get the food coloring all mixed in.

For quantity purposes, one batch filled all 3 small Gerber baby food jars with hardly anything left over.

Saturday, May 12, 2012

My Laundry Soap

When I first decided to start making my own laundry soap I was a little leery. First because I was forever a liquid detergent user and second how was I to be sure it cleaned really well.
I started this because my husband is in the Army and his uniforms come home fifthly.
So I took the plunge and made me a huge batch...turns out, I LOVE IT. I have not pre-treated a thing since using this detergent recipe. My cloths come out super clean, soft and even smelling great. I now will never go back to store bought soaps.

What you need is very simple. All it is-

* One box washing soda
* One box backing soda
* One box Borox
* 3 bars of the pink Zota bars- grated via cheese grater.
   ( you can use the white, I just don't think it smells as nice. If choosing the white, you can buy that pre-flaked for faster mixing)
* 2 reg sizes containers of a oxy type cleaner--I use SUN brand as I am told it is easier on colors then the actual Oxy Clean Brand
* Lastly get some scent boosters made either by gain or gain . I personally use one container of each.

One mix lasts me many many months.
For measurement, I just use one of the little scoops that come in the Sun container and use one per load.

Friday, May 11, 2012

Brown Sugar Scrub

With Mother's day coming up I felt I needed to make a few of the amazing Mothers I know something special. I have just been looking to find a reason to make this scrub, after all, feet can surely use it.
It is very simple. This is the recipe I used. To make 5 small mason jars full I tripled the recipe. But here is the original for you to try.

1 Cup Brown Sugar
1/2 Cup Extra Virgin Olive Oil
1 Tsp Pure Vanilla
1 TBSP of Honey

Mix all wet ingredients together then add the brown sugar and mix away.

Spoon into jars and decorate to your liking.
It's that simple. It took me all of 10 minutes and I have a great little treat for some dear friends.
and by the amazing.

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Kindle Cover

Without a pattern I struggled quite a bit on winging this Kindle Cover, but in the end it worked out well. For experienced crafters its a pretty simple concept. I just had a hard time with getting the corners just so, as to hold the kindle in tight. I tried the corners with interfacing and without. I used thick crafters interfacing and I think the padding works great, and give an extra cushion in the event it should bounce on the floor.  I even laid extra interfacing behind the fabric the kindle rests on for good measure. 

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

My Garage Sale FIND

I have been pining over vintage sewing machines for some time. I have been dreaming of having a small collection of older sewing machines from a few different decades. I am not in it for the worth or even having them work. Just would like to make them decor in my "someday" craft room.
Well besides my moms free standing machine, I haven't been able to begin my collection, until TODAY. 
I was blessed to find a Singer 328 set into a table. It is so very pretty and has that 'old" smell that reminds me of my Grandmother. I am just in love with my "new toy"......

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Easy Air Freshener

I have made the easiest air fresheners and they are amazing. Subtle like I like, and cheap. 
All I did was take a small mason style jar, fill it about half full of baking soda. I put in about 10-15 drops of my favorite smelling essential oil and shook around a little while.
I took some card stock and cut a circle to fit the opening. poke some small holes for the scent to to come through. To hold it on, screw the outer lid ring on over the card stock. And all done. I made a few to keep in the bathrooms over a month ago using lavender scent, and they are still going strong.

Sunday, May 6, 2012

No Shoestring Converse

In our family we have a constant debate. I call them Converse...My husband insists they are to be called to settle the argument we now call them All Stars.....

No matter what we chose to call them, tying them is a whole other issue. So I came up with a very easy way to fix that issue. It only works on low tops.

We have done the elastic fix in the past. Usually consists of sewing rings of elastic around each hoop loop which is very effective, but of course now my oldest daughter thinks that looks as uncool as velcro shoes.....

To remit that one I turned to my very good and trustworthy friend...E6000 glue, Has yet to fail me.

 (tip to using E6000 is that it loves to ooze out once punctured. I now put it in a medicine dropper to better control how much glue I get at a time. The best kind of dropper is the ones that come with the blue plug at the end. Walgreens has these...just ask the pharmacist and they usually have no problem giving you one for free)

All I do is have her try them on and then I can see where they fit without laces and glue away. One thing you might want to consider is doing it with a glue gun first, that way if it isn't the right fit, you can always pull it out. Hot glue won't hold for long term wear, so eventually you will need to glue it with the E6000.