Saturday, January 14, 2012

{Sew Easy} Iron Board Cover

In this weeks {sew easy}edition, I wanted to share my quick and easy iron board cover revamp.

This can be as simple as laying out your fabric on the actual board. Cut around the edges leaving about 2 inches all around. Be sure there is enough on all sides to get an elastic casing in AND to wrap just under the underneath lip of the board. If it turns out too big you can always attach more elastic at different points underneath once finished.
Since my batting was also shot I ended up lining it with ultrabond heating liner that I had a ton of. I use this material for oven mitts and hotpads. Feel free to use a cheaper soft liner. I just had this and since its meant for hot use, why not??
Tip: If you don't have one whole piece of fabric that fits, you can always use another coordinate for the middle piece to mix it up. Be sure to leave a seem allowance there as well.

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