Thursday, January 12, 2012

Fabric DS Covers

I am so tired of my girls losing their DS games, stylus and all. I saw a few other DS cover ideas and decided to give it a go on my end.
I chose a heavier cotton fabric to give it some substance. I also used crafting interfacing to make them nice and sturdy.

I free handed all this by sight. First I cut the length of the case I wanted. I then cut shorter pieces for the cartridge holders. I basted and put together the game slot stripes. I then continued to stitch the lines for the games. Be sure to leave a little extra room so you can slide the games in and out. But not too much as we want them to stay in the slots and not get lost. I then put a large elastic piece just above the game slots to hold the system. I chose to do my horizontal as I felt it kept it tighter. You can also do two of them vertical if you chose.

For closure I measured where it would land once full and rolled like a wallet. I then stitched Velcro on the fabric pieces.

Once all this is set and sewn I then put right sides together and sewed the outside and inside together and flipped right side out. I took the interfacing and cut just so it would slide in between the casing just so. Then sewed my outer edges down, and TADA....we have a DS case!!

Here are some photos of my process as I made my 2 latest ones for gifts.

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