Monday, January 16, 2012

Rag Rolling Your Hair

How to make your own rag rollers
How to roll your hair.

I decided to go "old school" with rolling my girls' hair. I have used harder plastic curlers, the soft felt and wire rolls and am so tired with how they last or even stay in. So I thought, why would I use all this modern "junk" when I will just do what my Mother did.
So I set off to create my own. Which, by the way, is super easy.
You can use any old shirt, towel, or cloth.
I had some extra knit fabric sitting around and chose to use that.
1) It is much easy to use, hold, tie.
2) washes up great after use.
3) thinner to store, and sleep on.

I left mine longer. Approx 8-10 inches long and 2.5" wide. I did this so that the kids could manage them themselves, plus since knit is so soft and less bulky....the long strands wouldn't bother them as they sleep.

Once the stripes are cut to your liking, its time to CURL :)

Wash hair and be sure to condition first. It can take a while for the curls to dry, so overnight is the best time to let the curls set and dry.

Comb hair completely out and begin to curl. Separating hair into small chunks (thickness as desired). Place middle (ish) of fabric near end of the hair. Begin to twist hair around this all the way to the scalp. Once there tie the cloth strip tight. Be sure to make it nice and tight. This is so it stays in and creates the tightest curl. Plus they can loosen as you sleep. I tie mine in a bow and then double knot the bow. This way the "rag" won't come out, but you haven't permanently set the rag in the hair either, ha ha

Once you wake, or once they are dry. Begin to untie and lightly unroll.
This is optional, but I always hair spray the head of curls right as I finish rolling, and then again right after the ties are out and the curls hang. Just to be sure its all going to "stick".

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