Thursday, January 19, 2012

Random Quilt Patterns

I have a great friend that teases me, She calls me a fabric hoarder. I have bin after bin of fabrics that I adore far too much to cut into. That is, until she has eased me into it. So we took all my fabrics and went through it cutting long 5" stripes of them. We had tons and tons of stripes.

We then got to work. Between the 2 of us we made 5 little girl quilts out of them. Each one a little different in pattern as the other. One I chose to make was "cubes" where as my friend did hers like a hardwood floor.

This was a nerve racking project as we had no set plan, just sewed and waited to see what happened. Without having a real color scheme and thought out pattern, we made them look very cute.

Here is the first one I made. It was a non-measured twin size. To back it I bought a $5 twin flat sheet.  I was almost a perfect match size, only about 6 inches too short. That will not matter though, as the sheet is longer to tuck in, the quilt will not need to be tucked in. This is how it turned out...

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