Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Quiet City Mat Tutorial

I am forever making quite games or travel things for my kids. We tend to spend a lot of time in the car, or waiting for siblings to get down with soccer/dance class.
This is one of my favorites.

What you need:
City or fabric with lanes or roads
Coordinating fabricS for the back side and pocket.
Snaps or velcro optional.

Once you have found the perfect road fabric you are ready to sew.
I chose to do mine the size of a 1/2 yard, but into an exact square...the size is all about how large or small you want.

First take your back fabric and stitch the pocket on. Linethe pocket with lightweight interfacing, Top pocket with binding. If you want you can add a snap or velcro to keep it shut. I chose not to as I wanted it as soft as possible for toddler knees to crawl all over it. Even staying open we have never lost a car.

Once that is complete. Put the back fabric right sides together. Top with interfacing and a thin batting. Stitch all the way around. BE SURE to leave an opening so you can turn your project right side out. Once turned out, Iron and sew shut the opening. Once you are done with that, begin with the binding. Take it all the way around the edging. This will finish the project off and hid your open stitching.
Make a small handle and attach at the top. I used 3 layers of bias binding to make it strong but a small enough loop for little hands to either carry or pull out of a backpack.

Fold closed to your desire. I did a tri-fold across the one fold horizontally. Works perfect.

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