Friday, January 20, 2012

Girl Scout Fabric

Its a Girl Scout Miracle.....I stumbled upon some authentic girl scout fabric by designer Robert Kauffman at the craft store. As we all know, boy scouts has a ton of lines out. Yet Girl Scout fabric is a needle in a haystack. Of course I bought yards and yards of it.
First project with it. To make carry bags for the girls' books and items needed to bring to the troop meetings.

I free handed the pattern. Making it about a 14x14 tote. I used a plain fabric for the lining...a different color for each girl. I also chose to use the thick crafting interfacing as I wanted them to hold their shape and be able to handle a couple workbooks at a time. I used the same interfacing for the handles. You could get as fancy as you wanted adding pockets and snaps..but I just wanted a regular tote, and to not take away for the girl scout fabric in any way.

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