Thursday, January 26, 2012

Bed "Basket"

A dear friend once gave my daughter this as a present. But after many washes it no longer could do its job. So my daughter has been bugging me for a new one. So on a lazy Sunday afternoon I told her to go in my fabric stash and find something she would want me to make it out of, and there became the monkeys. I, like most things I do, free handed the size of my square, and cut 2. Then I took a smaller peice to fashion the pockets out of...Finished to top of where the pocket was to open. Figured out how many pockets and size she would want and stiched a strong line on the pocket piece and the front piece fabrics. Once that was complete I took the front with pockets attached and back...pinning them right sides together. I chose to fill it with batting, so I then addes that layer to my pinned sqaure. I then continued to sew the bottom and two sides together. Turned it right side out the make sure I caught it all. Finised the edges on my top side, and began to attached an extra piece of coordinating fabric to the top. This is so that no matter how heavy the pockets go...the "basket" has a flat piece shoved far between mattresses so it cannot slide out due to weight. Its really just that simple.

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