Sunday, May 6, 2012

No Shoestring Converse

In our family we have a constant debate. I call them Converse...My husband insists they are to be called to settle the argument we now call them All Stars.....

No matter what we chose to call them, tying them is a whole other issue. So I came up with a very easy way to fix that issue. It only works on low tops.

We have done the elastic fix in the past. Usually consists of sewing rings of elastic around each hoop loop which is very effective, but of course now my oldest daughter thinks that looks as uncool as velcro shoes.....

To remit that one I turned to my very good and trustworthy friend...E6000 glue, Has yet to fail me.

 (tip to using E6000 is that it loves to ooze out once punctured. I now put it in a medicine dropper to better control how much glue I get at a time. The best kind of dropper is the ones that come with the blue plug at the end. Walgreens has these...just ask the pharmacist and they usually have no problem giving you one for free)

All I do is have her try them on and then I can see where they fit without laces and glue away. One thing you might want to consider is doing it with a glue gun first, that way if it isn't the right fit, you can always pull it out. Hot glue won't hold for long term wear, so eventually you will need to glue it with the E6000.

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