Saturday, May 12, 2012

My Laundry Soap

When I first decided to start making my own laundry soap I was a little leery. First because I was forever a liquid detergent user and second how was I to be sure it cleaned really well.
I started this because my husband is in the Army and his uniforms come home fifthly.
So I took the plunge and made me a huge batch...turns out, I LOVE IT. I have not pre-treated a thing since using this detergent recipe. My cloths come out super clean, soft and even smelling great. I now will never go back to store bought soaps.

What you need is very simple. All it is-

* One box washing soda
* One box backing soda
* One box Borox
* 3 bars of the pink Zota bars- grated via cheese grater.
   ( you can use the white, I just don't think it smells as nice. If choosing the white, you can buy that pre-flaked for faster mixing)
* 2 reg sizes containers of a oxy type cleaner--I use SUN brand as I am told it is easier on colors then the actual Oxy Clean Brand
* Lastly get some scent boosters made either by gain or gain . I personally use one container of each.

One mix lasts me many many months.
For measurement, I just use one of the little scoops that come in the Sun container and use one per load.

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