Wednesday, January 2, 2013

The making of the "cool" pre-teen room.

Because it is taking a long time to get the materials needed via mail from the US...the room needs to be done in phases. This room has taken a lot of planning as its all been the 10 year old showing me a picture and asking me to do it in all different colors, ect. 

I also have to admit that it is all falling into place nicely as we are picking up the parts piece by piece. 

Phase ONE was getting the bed started. I made the sheets, pillow cases, and bed skirt out of very soft cotton zebra material. I also found 2 strips of zebra contact paper and rolled them on the wall. The rest of the wall will be her turquoise curtain, (again waiting for the material to ship here) 

Phase TWO
The dresser redo. This dresser is really her little sisters. This is obvious by the coloring and markings on it. With touch up paint and a couple magic erasers it was all cleaned up. I then took the other 2 rolls of black/white damask contact paper. This took not a lot of time at all. All you need is an exact o knife and TADA....totally new and fun dresser...very fitting for a new 10 year old with a huge love for fashion and trend.


And the AFTER::::

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