Sunday, April 29, 2012

Quilted Wine Tote

I have been inspired for some time on these cute pinterest wine totes. I have awed over these quilted ones seen here on this fabulous blog.

In the interest of never being able to decide on a fabric, I decided to use some of this pre-quilted fabric that I had laying around. 
While I found the mentioned bloggers tutorial fabulous, my "shortcut" by using ran into a few loopholes, though time wise- it was a breeze.
The first was that if I cut the fabric on the fold, I only had 2 pieces to deal with. That was easy. But when it came to folding under the seem allowance on a pre-quilted piece of material was more tricky then I had expected.

Here it is from the beginning. I cut the circle just a touch larger to insure my tote "sat" well without any bottle in it. 

I also then measured the size of my bottle (not an exact science) and then attached the length of one whole piece of paper to the bottom of the pattern piece provided by the tutorial. This worked really well for me.

See--here is where I ran into issues with the pre-quilt. After sewing it around two times, I decided to leave it instead of fussing too much.

Also because I had one piece instead of two, I went ahead and put the bias tape on before stitching it together. I chose to use a coordinating orange thread on yellow, after I messed up on the handles--I decided that was what I was going for ( lol ) the "yeah, I so meant it to look like that, look"

Here is it all finished. After all, I did end up loving it. It will be in the mail soon to a very special friend of mine, whom I miss our wine nights :)

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