Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Hooded Towel / Beach Tote Tutorial

Here is such an easy way to make a hooded towel and beach tote. Makes a great gift.
Here is what you need:

1 Large bath towel
2 Hand Towels 
1/2 yard of matching or coordinating fabric
Small rope. I got mine in the camping section, the ones used as a clothesline.

For the Towel:
First I took the fabric and starched it to keep in nice and stiff. Then I folded down the seem allowance. This way I only had one stitch line. I then attached it to the hand towel the long way, I placed this about 4 inches from the side. 
Next you fold the hand towel in half (inside out) and stitch the short side together, this will make the top of the hood.
Once complete lay it out, being sure to center it exactly in the middle of the towel. Both placed the long way. Open up for hood to lay flat. Putting right sides together, stitch. Just be sure to have a strong stitch or go over it a few times that way it will hold sturdy.

For the Tote.
Fold the other hand towel the short way, having the folded end be the bottom of your tote. Take as much fabric as desired and attach to the top end of the towels. Be sure to do this the right sides together. Once this is done take the un-stitched part of the fabric ends and fold under one inch and stitch across, This will be the casing for the closure rope. 
Next is the only tricky part. Fold the bag again so the right sides are together and pin up along each side. Once this is done take 2 equal length of the rope and run through top casing....then take the ends and run to the bottom edges of the bag and tack in at the bottom of the bag to attach as you sew the sides shut. This string will want to be just a touch longer the the casing run down to the part that attaches to the bottom bag. This way when the tote is cinched it will be just long enough to wear on a child's back.
 Now that we are ready to attach the sides, go ahead and do so. Be ware to not sew all the way past the casing, You will want to stop and the stitch line (otherwise the cinch will not be functional).  Turn right side out, and done. 
Now all you need to do is fold your hooded towel and you are ready for the beach or pool. Just enough room in the bag for some goggles and a suit. 

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  1. I love this! And it looks pretty easy too! Thanks so much for sharing all of your projects over at The Winthrop Chronicles.