Saturday, January 1, 2011

Jucy Lucy!

As part of a new year start I am going to see if I can get myself more motivated to really cook dinners. Not just easy dinner, but the kind from scratch-type dinners for my family.
To start the year I decided to give the Minnesota staple "Jucy Lucy" a try.
I went to this website (www. ehow/, and gave it a go. My husband told me it was the best burger he had EVER had. (wow, maybe I can actually pretend to cook). Just think if he had the real thing from Matt's in Minneapolis!
I ended up winging it from there. Used my own steak rub, put in the the salt, pepper, milk, garlic powder, with mozzarella, monetary jake/colby, and Cheddar cheese. This is because it was what I had in the fridge. Made them on my griddle. For the adults I also added raw onion on the inside too. Delicious! To be honest, I am just shocked that not only did I pull it off, it actually sorta tasted like the real ones! Pat on the back for me.

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