Monday, December 31, 2012

Book Nook

After yet another long hiatus for LoveBugsLane...we are finally back at the business of crafting.

We have made a huge change to our lifestyle. After 2 years stuck at a duty station we have made the glorious move all the way around the world to Germany. I have had the most fun statring to unpack and get this new classic style house all sparkled with my personal vision. 

Here is the first area to be 100% complete.... I present to you.....the Book Nook.....

To complete I used two cheap bookcases I bought second hand for $10 each. I then finally used that canopy I purchased (no joke) 8 years ago at Ikea. The seating area is our fold out gymnastics mat. Very colorful and easy to clean. I think for almost no cost, it turned out really cute. This is also the bottom of our very long spiral staircase, which is also the hall foyer area to the soon-to-be sewing room, playroom and laundry room.

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