Monday, March 7, 2011

Fun with the letter C

I saw this on a crafting website and thought it would be fun!

You can either hang it on the frame as a horizontal or veritcal frame by turning your letter whatever way you like best.

Here is what you will need:

A picture frame- 8x10 or larger

A wooden letter of your last name


Glue gun

E600 or like "strong" glue

Here is what I did. I bought a $5.00 frame from Walmart. Removed the glass. Then took a slightly smaller cardboard backing and wrapped in fabric, hot glueing the fabric to the back of the board. Since it was somewhat smaller then the 11 x 14 frame, I just the border as another backing. This gave it a multi dimensional look. I then painted a C (purchased from a craft store) in acrylic paint. Once everything dried I put it all together. I used hot glue for everything BUT attching the letter. It is heavy and I wanted it to nice and secure, so I used E600.

This project took me no time at all, maybe a half hour or so. I plan to hang it on a small corner wall in my living room.

Most of us have all the needed items around the house just waiting to be used for a craft. :)

As a side not, I thought since I had more of this fabric, Id make a couple throw pillows for the couch to tie it all in.

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